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   101 Strings Orchestra_Something.mp3                                                                
   101 Strings Orchestra_Strawberry fields forever.mp3                                                
   50 Guitars of Tommy Garrett_Something.mp3                                                          
   5Th Dimension_Ticket to ride.mp3                                                                   
   Abbey Road_Something.mp3                                                                           
   Achim Schultz_Things we said today.mp3                                                             
   Adrianna Bernal_Things we said today.mp3                                                           
   Aimee Mann & Michael Penn_Two of us.mp3                                                            
   Aiza Seguerra_We can work it out.mp3                                                               
   Alex Ligertwood_We can work it out.mp3                                                             
   Alfred Hause_Something.mp3                                                                         
   Alison Mosshart & Carla Azar_Tomorrow never knows.mp3                                              
   Alma Cogan_Ticket to ride.mp3                                                                      
   Ana Gabriel_Something.mp3                                                                          
   Andre Mehmari_Something.mp3                                                                        
   Andrew Gold_Strawberry fields forever.mp3                                                          
   Andy Timmons_Strawberry fields forever.mp3                                                         
   Ania Dabrowska_Strawberry fields forever.mp3                                                       
   Ann Dyer_Tomorrow never knows.mp3                                                                  
   Anne Murray_We can work it out.mp3                                                                 
   Annelise Skovmand_Things we said today.mp3                                                         
   Anthony Stewart Head_We can work it out.mp3                                                        
   Antonio Cortazzi_Something.mp3                                                                     
   Antonio Cortazzi_Ticket to ride.mp3                                                                
   Band of the Irish Guards_Things we said today.mp3                                                  
   Barbara Casini Quartet_Things we said today.mp3                                                    
   Barbara Dickson_Things we said today.mp3                                                           
   Barbara Dickson_We can work it out.mp3                                                             
   BeatleJazz_Strawberry fields forever.mp3                                                           
   Beatlejazz_Tomorrow never knows.mp3                                                                
   Beau Beats_Things we said today.mp3                                                                
   Bee Gees_Ticket to ride.mp3                                                                        
   Beegie Adair_Something.mp3                                                                         
   Bei Xu_Strawberry fields forever.mp3                                                               
   Ben Harper_Strawberry fields forever.mp3                                                           
   Bert Kaempfert_Something.mp3                                                                       
   Bethany Dillan_We can work it out.mp3                                                              
   Betsy Pecanis_We can work it out.mp3                                                               
   Bill Frisell_Strawberry Fields forever.mp3                                                         
   Billy Idol_Tomorrow never knows.mp3                                                                
   Bireli Lagrene_Something.mp3                                                                       
   Bob Evans_Two of us.mp3                                                                            
   Bobby Fuller_Things we said today.mp3                                                              
   Bobs_Strawberry fields forever.mp3                                                                 
   Boney M_Two of us.mp3                                                                              
   Booker T & The Mgs_Something.mp3                                                                   
   Brazilian Tropical Orch._Ticket to ride.mp3                                                        
   Brazilian Tropical Orchestra_Something.mp3                                                         
   Brothers Four_We can work it out.mp3                                                               
   Buddha Lounge Ensemble_Things we said today.mp3                                                    
   Buddy Fite_Something.mp3                                                                           
   Buddy Rich_Something.mp3                                                                           
   Bugs Henderson & The Shuffle Kings_Ticket to ride.mp3                                              
   Candy Flip_Strawberry fields forever.mp3                                                           
   Carl Doy_Something.mp3                                                                             
   Carl Doy_Strawberry fields forever.mp3                                                             
   Carol Williams_Things we said today.mp3                                                            
   Carpenters_Ticket to ride.mp3                                                                      
   Cassandra Wilson_Strawberry fields forever.mp3                                                     
   Caterina Valente_We can work it out.mp3                                                            
   Cathy Berberian_Ticket to ride.mp3                                                                 
   Celso Blues Boy_We can work it out.mp3                                                             
   Chaka Khan_We can work it out.mp3                                                                  
   Chameleons_Tomorrow never knows.mp3                                                                
   Charlie Byrd_Something.mp3                                                                         
   Charlie McCoy_Something.mp3                                                                        
   Chet Atkins_Things we said today.mp3                                                               
   Chinese Puzzle_Things we said today.mp3                                                            
   Chris De Burgh_We can work it out.mp3                                                              
   Chris DeBurgh_Ticket to ride.mp3                                                                   
   Chris Farlowe_We can work it out.mp3                                                               
   Christina Watson_We can work it out.mp3                                                            
   Christy Barron_Tomorrow never knows.mp3                                                            
   Claire Lepage_We can work it out.mp3                                                               
   Classic Dream Orchestra_Something.mp3                                                              
   Clémentine_Two of us.mp3                                                                           
   Cliff Richard_Things we said today.mp3                                                             
   Collage_Tomorrow never knows.mp3                                                                   
   Connie Francis_Ticket to ride.mp3                                                                  
   Connie Lynch_Ticket to ride.mp3                                                                    
   Corky Corcoran_Something.mp3                                                                       
   Craig Duncan_Something.mp3                                                                         
   Craig Duncan_Ticket to ride.mp3                                                                    
   Crooked Still_We can work it out.mp3                                                               
   Cyndi Lauper_Strawberry fields forever.mp3                                                         
   Cyril Stapleton_Ticket to ride.mp3                                                                 
   Daniel Garcia_Ticket to ride.mp3                                                                   
   Daniel Johnston & Jad Fair_Tomorrow never knows.mp3                                                
   Daniela Danas_Things we said today.mp3                                                             
   Danielle Dax_Tomorrow never knows.mp3                                                              
   Danny Hodgson_Something.mp3                                                                        
   Dave Cliff & Howard Alden_Something.mp3                                                            
   David Archuleta_We can work it out.mp3                                                             
   David 'Fathead' Newman_Something.mp3                                                               
   David H. Yakobian_Things we said today.mp3                                                         
   David Lanz_Strawberry fields forever.mp3                                                           
   David Lanz_Things we said today.mp3                                                                
   David Lee Roth_Tomorrow never knows.mp3                                                            
   David Widelock_Ticket to ride.mp3                                                                  
   Debbie Davis_Things we said today.mp3                                                              
   Deborah Harry_Strawberry fields forever.mp3                                                        
   Deborah J. Carter_Things we said today.mp3                                                         
   Deborah J. Carter_Ticket to ride.mp3                                                               
   Denis Lopez_Something.mp3                                                                          
   Dennis Darling_Things we said today.mp3                                                            
   Dewey Martin_Things we said today.mp3                                                              
   Dianne Reeves_Tomorrow never knows.mp3                                                             
   Dinu Radu_Strawberry fields forever.mp3                                                            
   Dionne Warwick_We can work it out.mp3                                                              
   Don Costa_Something.mp3                                                                            
   Don Latarski_Something.mp3                                                                         
   Don Latarski_Things we said today.mp3                                                              
   Don Randi_Tomorrow never knows.mp3                                                                 
   Don Reeve_Something.mp3                                                                            
   Dream Academy_Things we said today.mp3                                                             
   Drex Nelson_Something.mp3                                                                          
   Duane Eddy_Something.mp3                                                                           
   Dweezil Zappa_Tomorrow never knows.mp3                                                             
   Dwight Yoakam_Things we said today.mp3                                                             
   Eamonn McCrystal_Things we said today.mp3                                                           ....................................................................................                                       
   Tangerine Dream_Tomorrow never knows.mp3                                                           
   Taryn Szpilman_Ticket to ride.mp3                                                                  
   Tater Totz_Strawberry fields forever.mp3                                                           
   Tater Totz_Tomorrow never knows.mp3                                                                
   Thomas Battenstein_Things we said today.mp3                                                        
   Tiago Iorc_Ticket to ride.mp3                                                                      
   Todd Rundgren_Strawberry fields forever.mp3                                                        
   Tom Jones & Chaka Khan_We can work it out.mp3                                                      
   Tomorrow_Strawberry fields forever.mp3                                                             
   Tony & The Swing Blues_Things we said today.mp3                                     ?
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